Milestone in solar cell efficiency achieved New record for unfocused


... closer to the theoretical limits of sunlight-to-electricity conversion by photovoltaic cells with a device that sets a new world efficiency record.

... photovoltaic cells with a device that sets a new world efficiency record. 01_mark_keevers-prism_rla8339-1200w.jpg

World record in solar cell efficiency set by Aussie scientists

Reported timeline of champion solar module energy conversion efficiencies since 1988 (National Renewable Energy Laboratory)

Solar energy converters based on multi-junction photoemission solar cells | Scientific Reports


Band diagram of semiconductor electrodes with the NEA separated by a vacuum gap for the light absorber cathode (b) and narrow gap semiconductor (InAs, ...

(a) Schematic presentation of the compact vacuum photodiode for the investigation of solar cell properties and its photo (inset in (b)).

QY spectra for photocathode (t-mode) and photoanode (t-mode) under applied accelerating 1 V for the respective electrode. Energy distribution of emitted ...

The process for transferring from a solar cell to a PV system.

Photodiode quantum efficiency of in the transmission and reflection modes at V b = 0. (b) I–V and P–V curves for the 800 nm excitation.

New solar energy efficiency world record

QY spectra for photocathode (t-mode) and photoanode (t-mode)

Solar panel

Martin Green, a pioneer of solar cells who has led the field for much of

History of solar cells

All-weather solar cell design generates electricity come rain or shine

Panel suria

UNSW Scientia Professor Martin Green.

... record in solar energy efficiency. UNSW engineer takes top prize for cutting cost of solar power · News

Latest bionic leaf now 10 times more efficient than natural photosynthesis

Panel suria

A solar array composed of a solar panel with 24 solar modules in rural Mongolia

>A Brief History of Everything Solar

What is Photovoltaic Cell?

New world record set for converting sunlight to electricity. All-weather solar cell ...

A generic process of MDCD approaches.

The symbol of 15 solar panel suppliers.

The Solar Settlement with the Sun Ship in the background (Freiburg, Germany)

UNSW Sunswift solar racing team takes 4th place · News

Double glass photovoltaic solar modules, installed in a support structure.

13 Fundamental Advantages and Disadvantages of Solar Energy

525 kW BIPV commercial roofing system in Gillette Stadium (Foxborough, Massachusetts)

Free Solar PV Calculators, Design Tools and Software

Solar modules mounted on solar trackers

Synthetic Rubber Outperforms Natural Rubber · olfactory stem cells

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Fern-leaf inspires electrode for high density solar energy storage. New world record ...

The solar phone is expected to be a great success in Kenya.

What on earth is Solar technology Really?

Engineers at the University of New South Wales (UNSW) achieved 34.5 percent sunlight-to-electricity conversion efficiency, a new mark that also comes closer ...

Photovoltaic solar panels on the roof of a house near Boston, Massachusetts

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Solar water heater

Things To Consider Before Buying Solar Panels For System

Solar modules mounted on a Walmart in Caguas, Puerto Rico

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Ways To Look For Solar Panels That Are Reliable

modern solar powered lightings

Rooftop PV hybrid system

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These Off Grid Solar Lights Are Made By The Communities Who Use Them

Bird's eye view of the Solar Settlement

a screenshot of a cell phone

Hybrid inverters vs battery inverters for home solar energy storage

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Global Report: Wind Power Surges to New Record Ks2 Science, Science Fun, Carbon

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3 (a) An x-ray image and (b) a transmission electron image of our standard Mo/Si multilayer test object. The flattened x-ray image was obtained with a 6 sec ...

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World's first "aqueous solar flow battery" outperforms traditional…

Short-exposure in- and out-of-focus image pairs are collected for each of multiple turbulence realizations.

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Felicia Atkinson The Flower and the vessel shelter press sp110 bartolome sanson

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2 The simulated image contrasts of different periods of binary, equal line and space patterns, produced by the XM-1 microscope under various degrees of ...


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Super-low loss quantum energy transport could revolutionize sunlight to energy…


4 (a) An x-ray image of the Mo/Si multilayer test object taken by the MES-STXM microscope at 1.77 nm wavelength and with a 2.5 nm step size.

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David Antin, Félicia Atkinson, ...

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How Big Companies Can (and do) Innovate Like a Start-Up

California Now Requires Solar Panels on Most New Homes

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James H. Werner's research works | Los Alamos National Laboratory, NM (LANL) and other places

FIGURE S.1 Potential 238Pu demand and net balance, 2008 through 2028.

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James H. Werner's research works | Los Alamos National Laboratory, NM (LANL) and other places

7 Scatter plots—from the matched case—of PDS-estimated aberration coefficients versus true aberration coefficients for phase screens 1,2,3, ...


Surface Analysis